Fintech & Crypto & ICO

Fintech & Crypto & ICO

  • Consulting on ICO & crypto projects
  • Compliance and preparation of white papers
  • Electronic money issue and redemption, regulation of electronic money institutions
  • Advice on blockchain and distributed ledger technology application in relation to fintech startups
  • Consulting on P2P, crowdfunding and other alternative financing platforms
  • Acquiring and selling fintech business
  • Money laundering and terrorist financing prevention in relation to blockchain based business models
  • Licensing and regulatory advice for fintech companies
  • Other relating services

Mumis pasitiki

„CEE Attorneys“ yra tikrų profesionalų, puikių partnerių komanda, kuri 2013 m., tuomet dar niekam nežinomam startuoliui, padėjo įveikti visas sudėtingas teisines verslo procedūras ir gauti pirmąją 5 mln.  JAV dolerių  investiciją. Jie ne tik padeda išspręsti problemas joms iškilus, bet ir numato mūsų ateities poreikius bei efektyviai ir laiku pasiūlo sprendimus teisiniais klausimais.

Mantas Mikuckas
COO, Vinted

We selected CEE Attorneys from nine reputable law firms based on their capability not only to serve as legal counsel of the company, but also to manage regular mandatory publication of investor information for the stock exchange. The law office have demonstrated exceptional accuracy and timeliness in managing investor information and handling regulatory issues with the Hungarian National Bank.

János Kisvári
former Board Member of ENEFI Plc (listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange)

CEE Attorneys negotiated and provided legal services to One Fashion Outlet Group, the owner and operator of Slovakia’s first outlet shopping centre, with respect to senior loan in the amount of EUR 15 million from a syndicate of three banks for the construction and operation of shopping centre.

One Fashion Outlet

CEE Attorneys represented KOMA Modular, leading modular construction company in the Czech Republic, in the acquisition of DOSTING, a thermal insulation producer. The acquisition deal also included post-transaction reorganisation of the purchased company and its incorporation into the KOMA group.

Acquisition of DOSTING

CEE Attorneys assists Safehomes LLC, a company with 100% Turkish investment, which offers accommodation to tourists and other visitors of Kiev in its mini hotels. CEE Attorneys has provided Safehomes with best real estate propositions of in the city centre of Kiev, developed its business structure and prepared a tax planning scheme.

Safehomes consulting