January 18, 2019

Big success and winery of Cee Attorneys Poland

We would like to proudly announce that CEE Attorneys Poland managed to win on behalf of BBA Transport System – our Client from shipment services market – the precedent court case regarding the contractual penalty for the breach of the non-competition clause, amounting to many thousands of euros. Although our Client lost in the first instance – where the court dismissed claims for the contractual penalty giving the priority to the “Free Market” principle (on the basis of the developed up to now jurisprudence line) – the Appeal Court in Poznań changed the verdict. Namely, the Second Instance Court said that “Pacta sunt servanda / Agreements must be kept” principal is absolutely not less important than the “Free Market” rule and it should be observed. What is interesting, the Appeal Court moderated the penalty by 30%, so our Client won 70%. Finally, justice has been done!