June 19, 2019

CEE Attorneys Boanță, Gîdei și Asociații – legal services for V7 Capital investment fund and the platform Confidas

In continuation of their successful projects for start-ups in Romania, CEE Attorneys Boanță, Gîdei și Asociații law firm have been recently involved in two projects having at the centre the Confidas platform, i.e. a Romanian start-up created to allow users to check potential debts of their clients (legal entities) and for alerting its users when debts of their clients are registered in the platform.

Thus, in a first project related to that, CEE Attorneys Romania law firm provided legal services for all the steps leading to the successful financing of Confidas platform by the investment fund V7 Capital.

At a later stage, the lawyers of CEE Attorneys Romania have been actively involved in drafting the documentation allowing Confidas to sign a partnership with Raiffeisen Bank, whereunder the sales representatives for a certain segment of clients would let them know on the existence of the Confidas platform that could be used as an alert/warning system for the commercial relationship between local companies, so as the clients could use the platform if they find it useful.

The lawyers of CEE Attorneys Boanță, Gîdei și Asociații that took part in these projects are Sergiu Gîdei, Krisztina Voicu, Mihai Stanciu and Elena Sopotean.