February 29, 2016

Law Firm Acquires New Name

Lithuanian law firm SKVLAW and its foreign partners, the law firms in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, changed their names to a single – CEE Attorneys – in all four countries.
SKYLAW was established in 2012. The law firm that changed its name to CEE Attorneys this year has a team of 7 lawyers.
“Our strategy is to be present in the territory spreading from Estonia to Bulgaria, which means to be in all countries of Central and Eastern Europe and to ensure support for business expansion of our clients. Today we have a total of 6 offices and more than 30 associated lawyers in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania,” says attorney Daina Senapėdienė, managing partner at CEE Attorneys Lithuania.
The firm provides legal services, has considerable experience in international mergers and acquisitions, transactions structuring and investment projects, international tax optimisation and other areas.
According to attorney Inga Kostogriz-Vaitkienė, partner at CEE Attorneys Lithuania, negotiations regarding partnerships and joining CEE Attorneys with legal firms in four more central and eastern European countries are in the process.
Ms Kostogriz-Vaitkienė says that that Central and Eastern Europe by its size and growth potential is attractive not only to the Lithuanian business, especially IT companies and start-ups. It is attractive to Lithuania’s Eastern neighbours to whom Lithuania serves as a springboard to the West. The reverse process is also underway – businesses from the central and eastern European countries show interest in Lithuania and its neighbours.
Audėjas Group, NFO Group, Pigu, Skaidula and others are among CEE Attorneys clients in Lithuania.