June 5, 2018

Obtaining the license

CEE Attorneys has provided LeaderFin s.r.o. with legal advisory related to obtaining of the license of non-bank consumer credit provider and registration in the register of non-bank consumer credit providers with the Czech National Bank.

As of date 1 December 2016, the new regulation in the field of consumer credits has come into force. Given the scope of the regulatory requirements and its complexity, the new regulation hits the consumer credit market at its core.

Thousands of consumer credits providers operating according to the former regulation narrowed down to less than a hundred providers that were granted a license by the Czech National Bank, one of them being LeaderFin s.r.o. represented by CEE Attorneys.

The CEE Attorneys team leading the LeaderFin s.r.o. towards the license consisted of the managing associate Iveta Koubková and the associate Martin Dohnal.