June 22, 2020

Quarantine is over but travelling restrictions remain (Lithuania update)

The quarantine measures put in place by the Lithuanian government 3 months ago have been cancelled as from 17 June 2020. Although travelling to most EU countries is now possible and no self-isolation requirements are applicable upon return to Lithuania, certain EU and EEA countries remain under restrictions. Entry to Lithuania is still not allowed for residents of Sweden, Portugal and the UK due to higher rate of COVID-19 cases. Similarly, Lithuanian residents are recommended not to travel to the said countries. Additionally, the Lithuanian government does not recommend travelling to Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo.

Nationals and residents of most non-EU countries, including Belarus, Russian Federation and Ukraine are still prohibited to enter Lithuania unless they (i) possess a national employment-related visa (D type) or (ii) a valid residence permit or (iii) they are family members of Lithuanian nationals or permanent residents; (iv) they work truck drivers for Lithuania based international carrier service providers (v) they fall within some other narrowly shapes categories (diplomats, medical workers, other).

In exceptional circumstances nationals of non-EU countries can travel to Lithuania if they obtain from the Lithuanian government a special purpose permit. Well-grounded and justified business needs (e.g. ongoing construction works or similar projects where foreign nationals are involved) can qualify for receiving such a permit.

In the light of the current pandemic and unprecedented lockdown measures, Lithuanian Migration Office has announced that no action would be taken against those foreign nationals whose visas or residence permits expired and who could not leave Lithuania during the quarantine period. Nonetheless, all such foreign nationals should report to the office, since the announced standstill for liability measures is going to last only until 17 August, 2020.