July 19, 2019

Successful real estate transaction conducted by Partner Andrzej Szmigiel and Managing Associate Bartłomiej Grabecki

Last week the transaction of purchase c.a. 7200 m2 premises with underground parking in the centre of Warsaw for one of the main CEE Attorneys Poland’s Client has been executed. After a multi-stake work of preparing the transaction in which our team was involved finally our Client became the owner of the additional surface in the office building which is conveniently located in Wola district. Due to the fact that the transaction was carried out successfully the premises may start to be rented soon for commercial Clients with want to run their offices in the perfect communicated district of Warsaw with two metro stations in the immediate area.

The transaction was conducted by Partner Andrzej Szmigiel, Managing Associate Bartłomiej Grabecki and Aneta Chmura representant of the Platinum Group.

Our team was involved in this transaction from the precise process of due diligence of the real estate that examines all risks associated with the future agreement to the effective negotiations of the final shape of the contract.

The success is double – one because of the meeting the Clients expectations and second about the assurance that the best terms of the contract have been negotiated!