May 2, 2019

The Bulgarian law firm Sazdov & Petrov has become a member of CEE Attorneys

Since 1 May 2019, the Bulgarian law firm Sazdov & Petrov has become a member of CEE Attorneys, the international network of law firms that have so far operated in many countries in Europe and Asia.

The Sazdov & Petrov law firm was established in Sofia in 2005 by partners Alexander Sazdov and Blagovest Petrov according to the Bulgarian law for the bar association. This new Bulgarian CEE Attorneys office focuses on advisory work in the fields of corporate law, mergers and acqusitions, real estate, intellectual property rights and tax law. Their major aim is to foster long term relationships with clients for whom comprehensive legal advice is provided. Bulgarian CEE Attorneys lawyers cooperate with the InvestBulgaria Agency and the Sofia Investment Agency while working on international projects.

It is a pleasure to become part of CEE Attorneys and to meet people full of courage to overcome the obstacles brought by the dynamics of the coming tomorrow. We are convinced that being part of CEE Attorneys is the right step for the future. We also believe that this step will be mutually enriching,” says Alexander Sazdov, partner of the law firm Sazdov & Petrov.

The Bulgarian market is very interesting and is still opening to foreign investments. Its key business areas are mechanical engineering, the chemical and food industries, and tourism. The third most important business partner in the EU is Romania, where CEE Attorneys is strongly represented. The Sazdov & Petrov law firm has been operating for almost 15 years and the Bulgarian team provides legal advice to many significant companies on the Bulgarian market, for example to the travel agency Alexandria. I am very pleased that we have found such a strong partner who has also become a member of our CEE Attorneys international team, and I am looking forward to our mutual work on interesting projects. Our next steps in South East Europe will lead up to Croatia and Slovenia,” adds Zdenek Tomicek, the founding partner of the CEE Attorneys and the Director of Expansion.