February 25, 2022

Ukraine, stay strong. CEE Attorneys statement regarding the tragic situation in Ukraine.

Like perhaps everyone else, we are also closely following the tragic situation in Ukraine. The war aggression of the Russian Federation in Europe is something we would not expect to happen in the 21st century, and it is difficult to find words to express our thoughts.

As lawyers, we want to state that Russia is acting in a direct and unprecedented violation of international law, in particular the Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter, by the use of violence against Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

As humans, we want to express our full support for the Ukrainians. This indefensible act of aggression means unimaginable hardships for the people of Ukraine and, above all, for the families of all the deceased defenders of their homeland. Our thoughts are with the heroes who paid the highest price in defending Ukraine. The victims of Russia’s warmongering leaders are, of course, also ordinary Russian residents, who will bear the consequences of economic and diplomatic sanctions. However, this cannot be compared to the suffering that Russia has inflicted upon Ukrainian people.

We cannot help but find certain similarities with the year 1939, when our country found itself in a similar situation as Ukraine now, and we sympathize all the more with the Ukrainians. We are preparing our involvement in charitable assistance to the Ukrainians so that we can help all those affected by this tragedy as soon as possible. Ukraine, stay strong.