• Defence of suspects, accused persons and defendants in all stages of criminal proceedings
  • Diversions in criminal proceedings: conditional suspension of the criminal prosecution, settlement, agreement on guilt and punishment
  • Representation in criminal proceedings in the event of extraordinary remedies (extraordinary appeal, retrial, instigation for complaint about the violation of the law)
  • Proceedings of the conditional release from serving a prison sentence
  • Proceedings of the conditional waiver from the remaining term of the punishment
  • Counselling and consultations relating to the criminal law
  • Compensation for damage from the state in the case of acquittal

Victim Representation

  • Preparation of criminal complaints
  • Representation of victims before the court in preliminary hearings and proceedings, including the court of appeal
  • Compensation for damage in adhesion procedures
  • Counselling and consulting relating to the criminal law
  • Reimbursement of necessary costs for the purposeful enforcement of victims’ claims in the criminal proceedings
  • Preparation of execution proposals in the enforcement of claims for the compensation for damage and costs of the victim incurred during criminal proceedings

We had problems with business protection and protection of our property from third party illegal claims. With professional assistance of CEE Attorneys lawyers, we made a precise plan of work and chose optimal strategy to protect our rights in court.

In this respect, we want to point out the professionalism of CEE Attorneys in court proceedings and high-level representation of Aurum Group interests in criminal cases.

A. Zhariy
CEO of Aurum Group