Employment Agencies

  • Evaluation of pros and cons relating to employment agencies
  • Registration by the relevant regulator
  • Evaluation of related costs aspects
  • International advantages of employment agencies
  • Drafting of respective internal regulations for the employer
  • Arrangement of internal processes for the employer

General Labour Law

  • Local and EU labour law standards and compliance.
  • Labour disputes and litigation
  • Employment-related taxation
  • Employment contracts, non-compete and confidentiality undertakings of employees
  • Employee dismissals and redundancies, garden leave
  • Vacation, maternity leave, parental leave
  • Remuneration: calculation, optimisation, etc.
  • Compensations for damages
  • Interaction and negotiations with the employees’ representative bodies (work councils, trade unions)
  • Internal employment policies
  • Employees’ liability
  • Health and safety at work

International Employment

  • Business trips
  • Travel allowances
  • International secondments and other temporary assignments
  • International advantages of employment agencies
  • Employee visa, residence and work permit solutions, as well Blue card for non-EU employees and EU expatriates
  • Relocation of employees and families, in particular from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and some other CEE countries.
  • Corporate restructuring and transfer of undertakings

Management Incentive Plans

  • Revision of management incentive plans
  • Employer’s compliance and risk management programmes
  • Alternative KPI proposal
  • Benchmarking
  • Drafting of related internal regulations
  • Simulation process
  • Communication to the management
  • Employee incentives and benefits

Optimization of Working Hours

  • Adjustments and optimisation of employees’ working hours
  • Management and office performance agreements
  • Distribution of working hours and work breaks
  • Flexible working hours scheme, working time accounts
  • Rest periods
  • Drafting of internal regulations for the employer

Other Services

  • Registration at the Labour Office
  • EU social and health insurance coordination
  • Communication with authorities involved in the immigration process

Our Clients

CEE Attorneys have provided all of our external legal advice in Romania since 2011. They have covered our needs from commercial contracts, through to employee issues, property matters and merger & acquisition work. The standard of service has been uniformly high whoever we have worked with from CEE Attorneys team. They are always available when needed, have a very good understanding of our business and needs, advice and support is delivered swiftly and unambiguously.

Gavin Withers
Director of the Keswick Enterprises Group