Automotive & Transport

  • Agreements with business partners and clients
  • Leasing, operating leasing solutions and relating agreements
  • Representation in proceedings with respective regulators and relating administrative proceedings
  • Dispute resolutions, including representation in arbitration proceedings
  • Air, sea, train cargo transport and relating sector regulations

Banking & Finance

  • Advice & planning of business strategy for financial institutions
  • Intra-group financing arrangements
  • Financial transactions and financing structuring
  • Debt restructuring and refinancing
  • All types of credit facilities and commercial lending, including syndicated loans
  • Listing and delisting of securities on public markets
  • Other relating services

Capital Markets

  • Comprehensive advice on capital markets regulations
  • Venture capital and private equity financing
  • Listings of debt and equity instruments
  • Structuring and implementation of mandatory and voluntary takeover offers
  • Legal representation of issuers and investors
  • Advice on market abuses and insider trading
  • Bonds and securities issuance
  • Public offerings and private placements of securities
  • Listing and delisting of securities on public markets
  • Other relating services


  • Legal due diligence of property
  • Share and assets deal agreements relating to real estate
  • Agreements relating to construction financing
  • Town and country planning, updating of development policies and other planning materials
  • Building permits, utilisation of real estate and necessary consents
  • Preparation and negotiation over developer investment commercialisation agreements

Energy, Oil & Mining

  • Agreements and documentation relating to energy and commodities trading
  • Power projects: construction, development, purchase and sale
  • Operation & maintenance agreements
  • Renewable energy projects and relating regulations
  • Power projects’ financing, representation in negotiations and drafting of relating documents
  • Transmitting services and agreements
  • Representation before sector regulators in administrative proceedings, permitting
  • Representation in dispute resolutions, including arbitration proceedings

EU Funds

  • Legal aspects and revision of drafted project proposals and submission of applications
  • Administration of tendering procedures
  • Further legal assistance in project implementation, evaluation and publicity
  • Co-financing of projects and relating legal documents
  • Analytical studies on methodology and implementation of financial instruments
  • Trainings for entities responsible for the distribution of financial instruments

Food & Beverages

  • Food safety requirements and consumer protection issues
  • Obtaining and using intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secrets
  • Litigation, including product liability, class actions, misrepresentation, passing off and breach of contract
  • Commercial agreements relating to production, supply and distribution, manufacturing, and licensing
  • Mergers and acquisitions of food-related businesses, including entire franchise systems
  • Import and export, including procedures and inspection requirements
  • Transportation issues
  • Advertising and Marketing Law
  • Customer protection regulation and compliance
  • Other relating services


  • Negotiation of fair deals with both local and global publishers and distributors
  • Complete pro-customer service (license agreements, terms of sales, consumer affairs, etc. )
  • Legal protection of original ideas (copyright protection)
  • Ensuring that all licenses and permissions for the use of protected copyright works and personal rights are in place
  • Setting of legal relations with other partners in the company (e.g. proper shareholder agreements)
  • Communication with the authorities and provision of necessary administrative support
  • Protection and representation in the fight against digital piracy

General Retail

  • Local and EU regulation on retail, court practice
  • Customer protection regulation and compliance
  • Representation in administrative proceedings with sector regulators, permitting
  • Drafting of licence and franchise agreements
  • Drafting of employment and production agreements
  • Drafting of general terms and conditions
  • Analysis of import and export regulations
  • Representation in proceedings relating to intellectual property infringement in the sphere of goods and services


  • Introduction of local regulations for foreign insurance companies and insurance brokerage firms
  • Regulatory legal assistance for the establishment of insurance companies, insurance brokerage firms, branch offices, local applications for cross-border services,
  • Legal advice for insurance funds, pension and health funds
  • Preparation of internal documentation, general terms and conditions, harmonisation with the EU and foreign rules
  • Legal representation of reinsurance companies
  • Legal representation in damage claim adjustment, especially in big damage cases (caused by city transport, public utilities, financial crimes etc.)
  • Litigation and dispute resolution in local jurisdiction, especially in regressive processes against local obligees
  • Representation of local and international insurance companies and clients in precedent processes, e.g. Holocaust life insurance
  • Process management in mergers and winding-ups
  • Legal advise on outsourcing agreements and portfolio transfers
  • Legal assistance on insurance product development
  • Advice on unique or special insurance agreements
  • Legal and professional assistance in public procurement process relating to insurance agreements
  • General insurance advice

Pharma & Healthcare

  • Regulatory support (market entry, licenses and permits, labelling requirements, regulatory audits and investigations, etc.)
  • Advice on requirements for clinical trials (permits, agreements, etc.)
  • Ethics & Compliance (anti-corruption and anti-bribery regulations, sponsorship, dealing with HCPs)
  • Marketing and advertising (marketing and advertising regulation, promotions, lotteries, online activities, etc.)
  • Pricing and reimbursement (pricing regulations, entering national healthcare system, etc.)
  • Trade and distribution (sales strategies, distribution, supply, contract manufacturing, etc.)
  • Competition issues (dealing with suppliers and competitors, parallel import issues, etc.)
  • Data protection and privacy, eHealth
  • Intellectual property issues (trademark protection, IP and know-how protection, product development and licensing agreements, R&D collaborations, etc.)
  • Public procurement and government contracts
  • Investments, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships
  • Litigation and representation in courts and before local authorities (challenging regulatory bodies, product and professional liability disputes, commercial and consumer disputes, insurance and intellectual property disputes, etc.)

Production & Manufacture

  • Comprehensive legal advisory on local and European regulatory aspects in the production and manufacture sector
  • Obtaining all necessary licenses and permits
  • Assisting in the acquisition or lease transactions of production premises
  • Preparation of internal legal documents, policies, organisational structures and proposing optimal solutions
  • Comprehensive legal advisory on labour agenda, including international employment
  • Cross-border deals
  • Representation in all kind of litigations, including international arbitration
  • Day-to-day operational issues


  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Communication with official authorities and sport associations
  • Representation in negotiations between professional players and sport clubs
  • TV rights, marketing and advertising of sport clubs
  • Competition aspects of sport activities
  • Doping regulations and representation in related proceedings
  • Representation in sport arbitrations
  • Review of decisions of sport authorities by civil courts
  • Providing football agent’s services to football players and clubs in transfers or loan agreements according to regulations of UEFA and the Czech Football Association


  • Advice on EU and local laws and regulations relating to technology developments, e.g. internet, mobile telephony, broadband networks and services, robotics and unmanned systems (drones), etc.
  • Cybersecurity, data protection and privacy, e-commerce issues and fraud prevention
  • Digital content distribution and digital rights management
  • E-commerce and online retailers
  • Film and television production, financing and distribution
  • Regulatory support with licencing, permits, investigations
  • Commercial transactions: transfer of rights, outsourcing, franchising, etc.
  • Due diligence checks on outsourcing partners, preparation and reviewing of draft agreements, protection clauses and the rights and obligations of both parties
  • Legal advice on the setup of websites and online payment systems
  • Legal advice on advertising campaign in internet, including in e-commerce business
  • Legal advice on competition law
  • Legal advice on various regulatory matters
  • Litigation and representation before local authorities and in courts
  • Assistance with sales strategies, advertising and marketing regulations, commercial launches

Our Clients

Our company has long-term relationship with CEE Attorneys successfully represented our company during a difficult, large-scale tendering process involving both European and national sources. We have been very satisfied with the professionalism of CEE Attorneys and they made a sound contribution to our success.

Geza Reichardt
CEO of Rextra Ltd

We had problems with business protection and protection of our property from third party illegal claims. With professional assistance of CEE Attorneys lawyers, we made a precise plan of work and chose optimal strategy to protect our rights in court.

In this respect, we want to point out the professionalism of CEE Attorneys in court proceedings and high-level representation of Aurum Group interests in criminal cases.

A. Zhariy
CEO of Aurum Group