Competition Law

  • Local and EU regulation on competition law, court practice
  • Mergers of competitors
  • Cartels and relating agreements
  • Unfair competition
  • Legal actions regarding the breach of competition law regulations
  • Representation before the Office for Protection of Competition
  • Training and methodology

Political Regulation

  • Lobbying regulations
  • Legal regulations relating to gifts
  • Pay-to-Play
  • Post-employment restrictions
  • Regulation on expenditures of political parties
  • Administrative law on political parties

PPP Projects

  • Local and EU regulation on public-private partnership
  • Representation of PPP projects at local associations
  • Administration of tendering procedures for PPP Projects
  • PPP agreements
  • Transfer of property from public to private ownership in the end of PPP project period
  • Training and methodology

Public Procurement

  • Preparation of necessary tendering documents
  • Legal audits of tendering procedures
  • Administration of tendering procedures
  • Representation in all kinds of tendering procedures
  • Representation before the Office for Protection of Competition
  • Representation in administrative courts
  • Evaluation of potential risk
  • Training and methodology

State Aid

  • Local and EU regulation on state aid, court practice
  • Representation in the complaint and approval process
  • Representation before the Office for Protection of Competition
  • Representation before national and EU courts
  • Training and methodology

Our Clients

CEE Attorneys have been providing legal services to Stock Plzen-Bozkov (SPB), the largest spirit drinks business in the Czech Republic,  for over two years and also to SPB’s sister company in Slovakia. CEE Attorneys are a highly valued and trusted business partner providing practical legal advice and support to our local businesses. They perform a crucial role in identifying legal risks across a wide range of business areas, and then ensuring those risks are reduced or managed in a quick and business-friendly way.

Steve Weatherley
Group General Counsel of Stock Plzen-Bozkov UK parent company

We have been cooperating with CEE Attorneys since 2014 and always have received highly competent and prompt advice, would it be construction or infrastructure project, public procurement or PPP matters. We were very impressed with CEE Attorneys professionalism when on our behalf they won 5 lawsuits against Lithuania’s state-owned railway monopolist: that had no precedents.